Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Final Note on Jereme Richmond

The words "Developmental League" are peppered liberally throughout the twitterverse this afternoon (I deployed the slur myself), but I think that people should stop using the phrase pejoratively and recognize the D-League for what it's worth. 19 year old Jereme Richmond is perfect for the Developmental League. He's a very talented, very raw basketball player with (hypothetically) a not-terribly robust interest in higher education and a desire to improve his basketball skills. He can either stay in college (also perhaps hypothetically), or he can make a little money shuttling between Europe and New Mexico. That's a pretty decent life as a nineteen year old, and it comes with a small-but-not-impossible chance that he makes an NBA squad immediately.

(Sorry for the "all Illinois, all the time" start to this place, but between Weber rumors, the Richmond news, and Illinois being the first team alphabetically in the Big Ten it just sort of happened that way. Everything will even out over time.)